A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious Thai food with our experiences for many years

From Humble Beginings

Arom-dii in Thai word means to be in a good mood that all human being has. To do the better thing we should to be in a good mood before starting such as cooking or anything else. For us, cooking is some of the best thing to do when we get free like weekend, and it makes us feel happy, relax when we cook with our family. Moreover it can make a good relationship among our family.

Our cooking school is running by Aek & Nok who like to cook Thai food as a food lover. We start to cook since we were young starting from our favorite food. Our parents teach us a lot how to cook Thai food and they answer us lots of questions we want to know because we’re quite curious like babyhood. Both of us were born in different part of Thailand, Nok was born in the central part of Thailand then the taste of food is quite spicy, sour, salty and creamy. Aek was born in the northern part then the food’s taste is milder (less spicy, no sugar, no salty and no sour). We meet each other in Chiangmai (northern part of Thailand), we like to cook and eat new food all the time then it’s good to share our cooking experiences.


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.


Our Love for Food

Cooking is our inspiration to open this cookery school because we would like to share you our cooking experiences gaining from our parents and in the same time we would like to warm welcome you to Thailand by our tasty and healthy Thai food making by yourself. So you can bring our cooking lesson back home and cook for your family as the souvenir from Thailand.

Let us to be one of your choices if you decide to cook original Thai food. Hopefully we can share our cooking experiences together and you will get more fun, more food and more friends from our cookery school.